The Sounds of Summer: Music Lovers

Music Lovers just adore summer! With all the festivals and open-air stages around, they thrive on the energy and atmosphere of a live musical event. Yeah, they like the food and hop on a few rides, but those are only time killers until the band hits the stage.

• How to Spot Them:

  • They’re in the front row of the stage wearing the band’s concert t-shirt from 6 tours ago.
  • They moved heaven and earth to win Meet & Greet passes on the radio and they’re gonna wear that wristband until it decomposes.
  • They’re lined up long before the band does their soundcheck and have reinforcements to bring them food and hold their place in line for bathroom breaks. (They properly stretch to be at peak running performance once the gates open so they can get as close to their musical idols as possible.)

• Why They Love the Saskatoon EX:

  • They’re smart enough to know that this is the most affordable musical thrill ride of the summer; all shows are FREE with admission!
  • They can rock out at the SaskTel Grandstand, relax with a beverage at the Kickin’ Horse Saloon or chill out at the Ruth Street Patio to dozens of great bands all week long.
  • They can take their pick of seating options, all the way from a box suite with their friends to rush seating amongst their fellow Music Lovers.