Chow Hounds: Did Someone Say Food?

Chow Hounds come to The EX for one reason only: the FOOD! They arrive at the gates on an empty stomach, knowing they’ll be filling up with the best fair food they’ll find all year.

• How to Spot Them:

  • They have a different food item in their hand every time they walk by.
  • You’ll hear them raving, “You HAVE to try this” to everyone within earshot.
  • They manage a one-handed selfie with their latest snack before that first glorious bite.

• Why They Love the Saskatoon EX:

  • There are hundreds of culinary choices for every taste and preference along Concession Row.
  • Sure, they love the new food fads but never forget the all-time favourites like Spudnuts, Doukhobor Bread and the Ukrainian Kitchen perogies!
  • They can walk around for hours, sniffing the air for fresh finds, while walking off the calories that you can only earn, once a year, at the Saskatoon EX.