Midway Activities at the Saskatoon EX!

Enjoy a fun day exploring midway activities at the Saskatoon EX!

Midway activities require a pay-as-you-go transaction – ride tickets do not count. And don’t forget, Kids 6 and under are always admitted onto the park for FREE! If you need cash, ATMs are available on-site in the Main Foyer at Prairieland.

Wobbly water Balls

Wobbly Water Balls

Dive into a world of aquatic adventure with the Wobbly Water Ball, where you can walk on water like never before! Step inside this transparent sphere and feel the thrill as you glide effortlessly across the surface of water.

Whether you’re rolling, tumbling, or simply floating, the Wobbly Water Ball offers an unforgettable journey through liquid landscapes. Join the adventure and discover why the Wobbly Water Ball is the ultimate way to play on water!  



ROXROK embarks on an exhilarating journey each summer, bringing the thrill of rock climbing to diverse venues. Our mission: to introduce newcomers to this dynamic sport with expert guidance and enthusiasm.

Whether scaling cliffs or exploring indoor facilities, ROXROK offers unforgettable experiences and incentives to ignite a passion for climbing. Join us as we ascend to new heights and foster a community bound by adventure and discovery.