Take the Ride of Your Life!

At the Saskatoon EX, we’ve got rides for different ages and thrill levels. Our main Midway features some of your favourites from the past and a few you might not have conquered yet! Kidsville is the place to be for the littlest riders and thrill-seekers-in-waiting. 

There are lots of ways to experience the rides at the Saskatoon EX. View our Ride Coupon Pricing, a Ride ListHeight Requirement information and the Policy for Persons with Disabilities

Ride Coupon Pricing

Ride Coupons are only available for purchase from on-site Midway Ticket Kiosks.

Ride Coupon prices are as follows:

1 Ride Coupon – $1.00
11 Ride Coupons – $10.00
22 Ride Coupons – $20.00
55 Ride Coupons – $50.00

On the main Midway, most rides typically take between 5 and 8 Ride Coupons. Most Kidsville rides typically take 4 or 5 Ride Coupons. For a more comprehensive Ride List, please see below. 

Other Ride Options

Pay-One-Price Ride Wristband – $53.00

Allows 1 rider to ride-all-day for one day. Does not include the price of admission. This is different than a Superpass.

Superpass – Advanced Purchase Only
A Superpass is a pre-purchased all-in-one pass that includes General Admission and a Ride-All-Day wristband. Not available onsite, must be pre-purchased in-store or online. 

FastPass – $25.00
Gives 1 rider front-of-the-line ride access. Limited quantity sold. Ride Coupons, a Pay-One-Price Wristband or a Superpass is required.  

On the main Midway, most rides typically take between 5 and 8 Ride Coupons. Most Kidsville rides typically take 4 or 5 Ride Coupons. For a more comprehensive Ride List, please see below. 

2023 Ride List (PLUS! Coupons Per Ride)

The 2023 Ride List has arrived — check it out!


Cliff Hanger: 5 Ride Coupons

Cuckoo Haus: 5 Ride Coupons

Expo Ferris Wheel: 6 Ride Coupons

Giant Wheel: 6 Ride Coupons

Haunted Mansion: 5 Ride Coupons

Himalaya: 6 Ride Coupons

Impact Zone: 5 Ride Coupons

Mach 3:  6 Ride Coupons

Mardi Gras: 5 Ride Coupons

Mega Drop: 6 Ride Coupons

Pharaoh’s Fury: 5 Ride Coupons

Raiders: 5 Ride Coupons

Remix: 6 Ride Coupons 

Sizzler: 5 Ride Coupons

Spider: 5 Ride Coupons

Spin Out: 5 Ride Coupons

Star Ship: 6 Ride Coupons
The Hulk: 5 Ride Coupons
Tilt-a-Whirl: 5 Ride Coupons

Tornado: 5 Ride Coupons

Vertigo Swing Tower: 6 Ride Coupons

Yo-Yo: 6 Ride Coupons NEW!

Zero Gravity: 5 Ride Coupons

Zipper: 5 Ride Coupons

*Ride list subject to change.


Berry Go Round: 4 Ride Coupons

Bulgy the Whale: 4 Ride Coupons

Bumble Bees: 4 Ride Coupons

Charlie Chopper: 5 Ride Coupons

Choo Choo Charlie : 4 Ride Coupons

Dragon Wagon: 5 Ride Coupons NEW!

Free Fall: 4 Ride Coupons

Harbor Ducks: 4 Ride Coupons

Hampton Bikes: 4 Ride Coupons 

Kite Flyer: 4 Ride Coupons

Merry Go Round: 4 Ride Coupons

Mini Jets: 4 Ride Coupons

Monster Trucks: 4 Ride Coupons

Stampede Fever: 4 Ride Coupons 

Super Slide: 4 Ride Coupons

Toon Town: 4 Ride Coupons

Height Requirements

Sometimes, size matters! And that’s the case with midway-style rides. For your safety, all North American Midway Entertainment rides have height requirements. Guests must fit securely within the safety restraints. Click here for details. Health and safety considerations are posted at each ride.

Please be advised that children under 42″ may be required to have a paying adult accompany them. 

Midway Provider Policy for Persons with Disabilities

North American Midway Entertainment is committed to giving all our guests with disabilities the same opportunity to enjoy and benefit from our services and attractions just as any other guest on our Midway.  Midway guests with disabilities are required to be able to place themselves in the devise seat or attraction by themselves or with the help of an attendant or support person. During the course of the ride, the disabled guest must also be able to hold themselves in the ride without assistance and remain properly secured within the restraints and adhere to posted safety requirements for all guests.