Assessing the Situation: The Eyewitness

An EX “eyewitness'” is what you might call your “risk-averse” group of fun lovers. They love the sights, the sounds, the chills and thrills, but they would much rather take a back seat to all the heart-pounding action and just observe their friends and loved ones jumping into the fray.

How to Spot Them

  • They’re the ones holding the purses and stuffed animal prizes of their adrenaline junkie friends.
  • They’re taking the photos for their food-obsessed loved ones who just swallowed a fiery hot chicken wing.
  • They’re seated at the SaskTel Grandstand, soaking in the music while lightly tapping their toes to the beat.

Why They Love the Saskatoon EX

  • They are in their element when they have anonymity! Find them in the dark, munching buttery popcorn, enjoying the entertainment from the comfort of their seat.
  • They’re browsers and shoppers! You’ll find them milling about in the Market Square and exploring the Summer Faire exhibits. They’re living proof that you can indeed take a selfie with a gorgeous handmade quilt!
  • Creatures of habit, they will frequent the same booths and games summer after summer and never tire of it – getting the annual old-timey photo, scoring their once-a-year hot and salty pretzel and taking in a vigorous game of BINGO!