Pro Tips From Our Staff

We asked our staff to share their best advice for making the most out of your day at The EX! Whether it’s your first trip or your 50th, we’re sure you’ll find some very helpful advice!

Getting In & Getting Out

Parking at a big event is always the first hurdle of the day. There’s more than one entrance into the park! Check out our map to familiarize yourself with other options to minimize wait times.

Have A Plan

The Saskatoon EX show schedule has EVERYTHING you need to know about what’s going on each day. Come early and keep the tab open on your phone so you don’t miss any of the entertainment you most want to see.

Dress For Success

If you’re coming for the rides, consider your footwear, head gear and accessories. Will your shoes and hat fly off? Where will you stow your gigantic purse while riding? It also doesn’t hurt to layer in case the weather changes mid-day.

Pace Yourself

You’ll be doing a lot of walking while you take it all in. Be sure to take rest breaks throughout the day so that you can make it all the way to the 11:00 pm fireworks.

Don’t Feel the Burn

If you’re lucky enough to hit one of the warm, sunny days, don’t forget your sunscreen. There is nowhere at the Ex to buy some in a pinch.

Fuel the Day

Between trying all the tasty EX food, keep a small stash of snacks in your bag so you can keep yourself fueled all day long. If you’re more ambitious or have dietary restrictions, pack your own picnic and find a table to chow down when you’re ready for a meal.

Lighten the Load

Whether you won a gigantic midway stuffie or bought one of everything in the marketplace, take advantage of the parcel check. For a small fee, you can leave your items in our care until you leave for the day.

Heal Thyself

If you think you might get queasy or develop a headache, keep some relief medication in your bag so that you can enjoy the day without things getting worse. *Note that medications must be in their original containers.