Magician & the Muse featuring Sean Watson and Chanelle Munroe

Sean Watson is a master at creating a space where moments happen, and memories are made. His sleight-of-hand magic coupled with his disarming charm engages every audience.

Sean has won great acclaim at venues such as the Las Vegas Hilton, MGM Grand Casino, Mandalay Bay (House of Blues), the renowned “Carnival” in Brazil, various casinos, state fairs, corporate events and product launches. He has also received many accolades for his close-up entertainment and Illusion Comedy Show.

Chanelle Munroe is a truly enchanting magician and the world’s only professional female Métis magician. From headlining at Magic Immersive Chicago to captivating audiences at fairs and festivals across the U.S. and Canada, she has delighted spectators of all ages with her mesmerizing illusions.

Chanelle’s magical performances have even graced the prestigious Canadian Museum of Human Rights, where she added a touch of wonder to the exploration of humanity. With her charming blend of elegance and mystique, Chanelle Munroe continues to weave spells of joy and fascination, creating unforgettable experiences for families everywhere.