Attend The EX Your Way!

There’s no one quite like you! Maybe you’re a total daredevil ready for the ride of your life! Maybe you want to rock out with your favourite band. Or maybe your annual fix of The EX entails a leisurely day of strolling and snacking your way through the fair.

No matter what excites you, the Saskatoon EX can help personalize the adventure that suits your unique style!

Ride All Day!

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Get the Best Value & Most Rides !
Superpass includes one (1) General Admission and one (1) Ride-All-Day Wristband. Buy early and save! Once you're here, ADD a FastPass to get to the front of the line quicker! When paired together, it's every ride fan's perfect combo!

Note: FastPass does not include and admission and must be paired with a Superpass or Ride Coupons.

Here For the Music!

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Secure Your Favourite Spot To Enjoy the Show!
General Admission gets you into The EX and all shows and concerts beyond this point are FREE to watch! For the ultimate experience, ADD one of our premium tickets -- First-In Rush Seating, Superfan Front-of-the-Stage, or Suite Experience Box Seats!

Note: First-In Rush Seating is not a reserved seat. All seats are all rush and if left, are forfeit.

Stroll, Shop & Snack!

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Nothing Could Be Easier!
General Admission gets you past the gate -- now you're free to buy all the fair food, watch all the people and see all shows you want, at your own pace. Not everyone loves rides but anyone can soak up the electric atmosphere of the Sasktoon EX!

Admission & Ride Wristband
All-In-One Pass  *Buy early and save!

Get to the Front of the Line Quicker
*Does not include admission.

Gets you into the park. ALL shows and concerts beyond this point are FREE to watch!

For the ULTIMATE experience, add one of our premium tickets: SuperFan Front-of-the-Stage or First-In Rush Seating. 

It’s that easy! General admission gets you into the Saskatoon EX – now you can buy all the fair food you want. all shows beyond this point are FREE to watch. Take a stroll and visit Market Square for some great shopping!

Attend The EX Your Way!

Are you a total daredevil ready for thrilling rides, a music lover here to rock out, or looking for a pleasant day of strolling through The EX?

Let’s tailor your experience to get the most bang for your buck!