Tuesday, August 9

Billy Talent
For the majority of their music career, Billy Talent has been placed among the top 10 bestselling Canadian bands in Canada. Starting out as a high school talent show act in the early 1990’s, the band has since been writing, recording, and performing for nearly 30 years; touring internationally, selling millions of albums, winning music awards, and gaining numerous lifelong fans along the way.
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With the release of their first full-length album, singles titled “Nothing to Lose”, “Try Honesty” and “The Ex” found considerable sales success, forging the way for future stardom. Newest album release Crisis of Faith contains a diverse range of sounds and a whirlwind of emotions felt by the members during the writing and recording process. Noted for their high energy and songs written from the heart, the group sends gratitude to everyone who has followed their journey thus far, and eagerly welcomes new listeners to the latest chapter of the Billy Talent book.