Frequently Asked Questions

All tickets are non-refundable and are only confirmed/released once payment is made. Payment must be made within 7 business days of receiving your invoice.


There is a maximum of 8 people per table. If your group is 9 or 10 people only, special arrangements can be made. The room will be set with round tables. Contact us for more information

If your group is larger than 8 people, your tables will be placed near one another.

No group size is too small or too big. We have booked groups of 2 as well as groups of 100 for one party.

There are gluten free and vegetarian options. Please contact us for further details.

The menu consists of Roast Turkey with Dressing & Cranberries, Perogies & Cabbage Rolls, Chef’s Selection of 5 Salads, Chef’s Selection of Potato, Chef’s Selection of Hot Vegetable, Assorted Desserts, Coffee/Tea/Dinner Mints

There are non-alcoholic beverages available. No charge on pop for designated drivers.

There is no dress code set in place for the evening. It is up to you and your group as to how you want to spend the evening.

It is Prairieland Park’s corporate policy that no raffle or 50/50 draw be run by any other client or customer. Therefore, you cannot fundraise at the Small Business Christmas Party.

You may hand out gifts at your table/for your group. With enough notice we can arrange to have a rectangle table set up near your group in order to keep things tidy. This table will not be monitored by our event staff. Gifts containing alcohol must be checked in at the complimentary coat check for the remainder of your evening.

The service charge is required for any administrative costs as well as the online ticketing system.

The price difference reflects the entertainment booked for the evening. Some parties have more bands playing and those ones are more expensive

There will be taxis available, as well as direct phone lines to the cab companies. You will also be able to park your car overnight, free of charge, if you drive to attend the party.

Entertainers this year are Rod Stewart, The Eagles, ABBA and Men Without Shame

We accept debit and credit cards for the purchase of liquor tickets. There are also 2 ATMs available during the evening.

The tickets are valid for the meal and entertainment, tickets cannot be purchased just for the dance/show.

Tickets will be released once payment is received. Please allow extra time if paying in person.

Tickets must be picked up the day before your party. No tickets will be available for purchase at the door or to pick-up.

Ideally orders should be placed and paid one week prior to your party. We do not accept reservations.

Seating chart for your perusal. Note: layout subject to change.